🪙WEN & esWEN

Introduce the utilities of WEN token

What is $WEN?

$WEN is the native token of WEN Protocol. It captures the value that is generated by the protocol and also incentivizes system participants.

What is esWEN?

esWEN is escrowed $WEN, which has the same value as WEN. esWEN is not tradable nor transferrable but can be used for governance.

esWEN plays an essential role in the system as governance token. Conversion from esWEN to $WEN will be a vesting process linearly over a period of 21 days, block by block.

How can I get $WEN & esWEN?

$WEN can be earned in 2 ways:

  • Buy directly in WEN/wETH pool

  • unlock esWEN

esWEN can be earned in 4 ways:

  • Minting wenUSD via protocol

  • Providing liquidity to the WEN/wETH pool, and stake the LP in WEN protocol

  • Depositing wenUSD into the Stability Pool

  • Providing liquidity to the wenUSD/USDC curve pool, and stake the LP in WEN protocol

What benefits can I earn with esWEN?

esWEN is the core of Wen Protocol ecosystem. The holders can enjoy the following benefits:

The most profitable way to earn is staking your esWEN.

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