🚀 Low Interest Loan

Users can mint wenUSD against their LSDs. They can thus obtain an LSD-backed loan with very low recurring costs.

🦃️ Protocol Controlled Interest Rate

wenUSD has a very competitive interest rate from the protocol's unique design, which is derived from ETH2.0 staking reward rather than thin air.

🔋 115% Minimum Collateral Ratio

Wen Protocol allows users to borrow at a minimum collateral ratio of 115%, which corresponds to a loan-to-value ratio of 86.95%. This makes borrowing highly capital efficient and allows for up to 7.66x leverage.

🔥 Efficient Liquidation Mechanism (ELM)

Liquidations ensure the system remain solvent. Thus, WEN Protocol's instant and efficient liquidations mechanism (ELM) of Troves that fall under the minimum collateral ratio of 115% maintains the health and stability of the protocol, which implemented by a stability pool.

🦃️ Diversified Underlying Assets

However WEN Protocol is not only a fork of Liquity, also it enhances Liquity's origin model to support multiple LSDs, including:

  • ETH (wrapped into LSDs according to vault strategy or user choice)

  • stETH, from Lido Protocol

  • bETH, from Binance

  • rETH, from Rocketpool Protocol

  • cbETH, from Coinbase

  • sfrxETH, from Frax Protocol

  • ankrETH, from Ankr Protocol

  • to be continued...

👑 Governance

Wen Protocol will introduce an ES-Model to amplify the sustainability of the system, utilized by its native governance token esWEN.

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